Forums are still alive and well—at least, in the world of Reddit. And the cyclist population on the platform is thriving! If you’re finding Twitter to be a grim place these days (who isn’t?) but still want a place to discuss cycling, ask questions, and—let’s be honest—argue about the best gear and ways to train, then it’s time to consider joining a cycling Reddit.

In these subreddits, you’ll be able to get extremely nerdy, whether you’re into discussing the team trades for the season or passionately debate whether the granny gear is poised to make a comeback. You can also ask that nagging question about chamois cream and its tingling side effects, or just show off that bike you built up yourself for under $250.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite corners of the cycling Reddit world.

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For getting extremely granular—and often devolving into arguments in the comments between passionate cycling enthusiasts—it’s hard to beat the Reddit Velo forum. The 40,000 members go deep on everything, including the latest continuous glucose monitor tech, periodization versus polarized training, whether there are good bike rentals in Oahu, Hawaii, and a discussion of duties you may face by ordering a bike online. Just be prepared for a lot of comments and discussion, rather than simple answers.


If you love getting all the road racing intel and want to stay up with all the gossip, this is the Reddit for you. From start lists and intel on who’s looking poised to dominate each race to dropping top 10 predictions into the discussion threads, it’s a great place to be if you’re over using Twitter for race days and prefer a more serious fan experience. Freaking out about Wout Van Aert’s 50-tooth single-chain ring at Milan San Remo? The users of this cycling subreddit are too.


In this genuinely helpful cycling Reddit forum, you can upload a photo or video of the issue you’re having with your bike and get feedback from tech-loving cyclists about how to fix your issue or what to say when you take it to the shop. It’s a great money- and time-saving forum for people who aren’t amazing bike mechanics, but are on a tight budget and don’t want to hit the local bike shop for every little creak or grinding noise their bike makes. There is some bickering and disagreement, but for the most part, it’s all good-natured and well-intentioned. The catch: Don’t be surprised if you get conflicting advice, especially on more esoteric problems.


For all women-identifying cyclists, this is the place where you can ask all the awkward questions about pelvic pain and get genuinely helpful advice. You don’t have to stick to ultra-women-specific Qs, either. Topics range far and wide, from the more activist-based commentary on how to get more women riding in cities to discussions of quad versus hamstring dominance while riding. But yes, there is a lot of discussion around the saddle area, so bring your most uncomfortable issues.


Bike shopping? This cycling Reddit group is fantastic if you’re looking at used bikes (or new ones) and wondering if the price is justified. With more than 52,000 members, many with encyclopedia-level knowledge of frame styles, components, and signs of damage, this is a great place to go if you’re just not sure you should be Venmo-ing that $1500 to a dude with a 2003 Cervelo for sale. Whether you’re looking at an around-town cruiser listed at $200 or a high-end TT bike for $12,000, you can get solid input in this forum.


Bought the bike and want to show it off? The Bike Porn Reddit is the place for you—and 116,000 other people—to share gorgeous photos of stunning bikes. We also really love the rules, which include: No NSFW content. Do not mark your post NSFW. No low-effort photos. Remember: Drive-side out! And stop calling your bikes “girls.” If you follow those rules, you can post away whether you have a sexy road, mountain, track, commuter, fixed, cyclocross or BMX bike. Or, you know, just lurk around this Reddit and start your wish list for your next bike.


For new and veteran riders with questions around bike setup and training, this is a great spot to go with your burning (or chafing) questions, especially if you don’t have a crew to ask IRL. Recent posts include: “How long did it take for you to buy your second road bike?” “Can I do a bike fit by myself?” And our personal favorite, “Holy crap, why did I wait this long to get chamois butter” Sure, you can find those answers on, but the camaraderie provided by this Reddit does make you feel a little less alone.


Have a hilarious screenshot from a recent Zwift ride but no one in your family finds it funny? Head to the Zwift Reddit, where other users will appreciate your humor. You can also brag, troubleshoot, and speculate wildly about the next addition to Zwift Island, along with 53,000 other Zwiftees (Zwifters?).


For people who use cycling as an alternative form of transportation or are hoping to lower their reliance on cars, this is the Reddit to follow. With 383,000 members, the F***Cars Reddit forum is great for both practical advice on commuting to (frankly speaking) a place to lodge your complaints about that jerk in the pickup truck who rolled coal on you during your commute. Either way, you’ll be heard by a sympathetic audience. You may even learn about initiatives happening around you that focus on bringing safer cycling infrastructure and mass transit to your area.


For a little bit of everything, hop on the Bicycling Reddit with more than a million other cyclists to make jokes, ask for advice, show off ride data, and generally hang out with like-minded people. The highlight on this forum is the moderator-pinned Daily Cyclist Thread, where you can ask any question and get answers from the hundreds of riders online at any given time. Again, no topic is off-limits, and dropping your question in here nearly guarantees that you’ll get a few answers.

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