Takeaway: The Batch E-Commuter offers a quality build and riding experience at a pleasantly affordable price.

  • The Bosch 400Wh battery lasts up to 80 miles in turbo mode.
  • Fenders, a rear rack, and a kickstand are included.
  • Grippy, wide tires keep you stable and planted at any speed.

Price: $2,200
46.4 lb. (S)
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Go to the main page of Batch Bicycles, and you’ll see eight nifty little icons that make choosing your bike a no-brainer. That’s because under each category—cruiser, mountain, comfort, commuter, ebike, fitness, and lifestyle—you’ll find just one single model (the kids category has four, including a balance bike). Whether it’s a singlespeed beach cruiser with a coaster brake that you’re after or the Batch E-Commuter shown here, one theme runs consistent—they’re all very affordable.

The E-Commuter

The E-Commuter

The E-Commuter

$2,200 at batchbicycles.com
Credit: Courtesy Batch Bicycles
  • Quiet motor
  • Disc brakes
  • No lights

For $2,200, the E-Commuter has a whole lot of great parts, including a complete e-system from industry leader Bosch. The nearly silent 250-watt Active Line Gen 3 motor engages smoothly, resulting in a natural and predictable ride experience. The 400Wh battery lasts up to 80 miles in its lowest assist mode (eco) and about 30 in its highest (turbo), so if your goal is to get to work quickly and without breaking a sweat, go ahead and max it out. Just make sure your roundtrip commute doesn’t exceed 30 miles. The compact Purion display is simple and user-friendly, and provides all the essential info you need: charging status, battery level, speed, mode, trip distance, and total distance.

Batch E-Commuter Component Details

Frame Aluminum
Bosch Active Line Gen 3, 250W
Bosch 400Wh with ABUS lock
Max assist speed 20 mph (Class 1)
Tektro hydraulic disc with 180mm rotors
Shimano Altus 8-speed
FSA Alloy, 38t, 170mm (S), 172.5mm (M), 175mm (L)
Headset FSA threadless
Kenda Kwick Twenty.5 Sport E50 with K-Shield Protection (1.75 inches wide)
Wheel size
27.5 in.
Small (15-inch), medium (17.5-inch), and large (20-inch)

Combined with the 20mph pedal assist, the entry-level Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain provided all the speed and gearing I needed to cruise uphill at a comfortable cadence, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes supplied precise stopping power. The 1.75-inch Kenda Kwick tires on 27.5-inch alloy rims provided a stable, planted feeling to my rides, and they have K-Shield protection, which is said to decrease your chances for flats and increase the longevity of the tire.

Other notable features on the E-Commuter include fenders, a kickstand, mounts on the fork for a front rack, and a sturdy rear rack with a spring-loaded clamp ideal for stashing a jacket (not so ideal for transporting a sandwich). The model we tested has a step-over frame, but Batch says there’s a step-through version coming soon.

5 Things We Love About the Batch E-Commuter

Batch E-commuter
Silent Motor

The Bosch Active Line drive system quietly assists you up to 20 mph.

Trevor Raab
Batch E-commuter
Stable Tires

The 1.75-inch Kenda tires help keep the bike planted in corners.

Trevor Raab
Batch E-commuter
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The 180mm rotors stop the nearly 50-pound bike with ease.

Trevor Raab
Batch E-commuter
Simple Readout

A straightforward display shows your speed, range, assist mode, and more.

Trevor Raab
Batch E-commuter
Sturdy Frame

The 6061 alloy aluminum tubing makes the bike durable and more affordable.

Trevor Raab

How (And Why) Batch Bicycles Are So Affordable

Chris Keller, General Manager at Batch Bicycles, provides some insight on how the company manages to provide such great builds at such reasonable prices. The company’s simplified system streamlines its production process, which allows it to keep prices in the almost-too-good-to-be-true range. It feels authentic—Batch isn’t trying to sell you on accessories or upgrades, and it trims the fat (i.e. expenses) wherever it can. The Dayton, Ohio-based company has been slowly growing since it launched just over a year ago at Interbike in 2018. It doesn’t churn out new models each year, so if a bike is selling well, Batch will keep making it without changes as long as people are still interested, which helps save money. Currently, while the company continues to make a name for itself and forges connections with distributors, it keeps its margins pretty low: It gives a standard amount of profit to dealers but keeps a less-than-standard slice for itself, which allows it to keep its price tags lower. Once you buy the bike online, Batch can ship it to a shop near you (even shops that aren’t distributors) to build it up. All of this makes the Batch E-Commuter reliable, accessible, quality, and affordable—four key highlights that are sure to get more people on bikes.

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