Takeaway: The Brompton Electric P Line is a snappy feeling, featherweight commuter that harnesses the best of Brompton’s offerings without sparing any expense.

  • Just as portable as the classic Brompton
  • Features tried-and-true Electric C Line motor and battery
  • Unbelievably light for an electric bike
  • Titanium rear triangle and fork
  • Blisteringly fast from 0 to 15.5 mph

Price: $4,700
Weight: 35 lbs. (including 6.4lbs battery)
Folded Size: 25.3"x23"x10.6" (plus detachable battery)

Brompton Brompton Electric P Line

Brompton Electric P Line

Brompton Brompton Electric P Line

$4,700 at brompton.com

Brompton Electric P-Line Gallery
brompton electric pline 2022 bike in brooklyn with aithne feay

Sitting at the intersection of the rapidly expanding e-bike market and the folding bike format, Brompton introduced a new steel and titanium-framed e-bike model for a top-notch commute at a premium price. It’s a synthesis of the most exciting components of every other Brompton model, borrowing speed, portability, and style from the gamut to craft what might be the best Brompton yet

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The new Electric P Line is the lightweight counterpart to their existing Electric C Line model, a steel model with various gearing options that utilize the same 250W front hub motor and 300Wh head tube-affixed battery pack.

Like the non-motorized P Line, the electric model features a titanium rear triangle and fork to shed weight. Where the C Line has 6-speed and 2-speed options, the P Line is only available with four speeds on an external rear freehub. The Electric P Line also forgoes the sporty, flat handlebar option with the choice of either mid- or high-rise cruiser bars. I raved about the gray and silver flake paint job on the non-electrified original P Line and am delighted to see it return for the electric model.

Few other major e-bike manufacturers target the same demographic. More than three times more expensive than the folding e-bike offerings from Aventon and Rad Power, Brompton takes aim at the likes of Tern, a brand whose premium offerings (like the Vektron S10) fall at a similar price point and achieve a similar build quality. Pricier folding e-bikes are luxury products, and the Electric P Line is appropriately polished.

Aside from the price tag, the most significant shock delivered by the Electric P Line is the acceleration achieved by the 250W motor. The first time I got on the saddle, I was genuinely amazed by how quickly I reached the stated top speed of 15.5mph. After the initial surprise wore off, I found myself comfortably speeding out from a dead stop and surging ahead of adjacent car traffic. The electric model also features tough-as-nails Continental Contact Urban tires (versus the Schwalbe One Evolution on the standard P Line) to help support the added bulk above the front wheel.

The Electric P Line’s battery attaches to a head tube mount and is connected independently of the fork, providing additional stability when turning. When detached, the 6.4-pound battery hangs from your shoulder in a dense satchel (complete with a front pocket for your wallet and necessities.) For an additional $250, Brompton sells a larger-sized, briefcase-format battery bag that has room for all the essentials of the day.

If speeding up is the Electric P Line’s strong suit, then slowing down is its major shortcoming. Though they are lighter and easier to adjust, very few e-bikes come equipped with rim brakes; they do not have the power to stop heavier-weight e-bikes. Decelerating while pedaling the Electric P Line causes a conflict between its sensors and your intended power output. Since the smart pedal assist system tracks torque and cadence on the bottom bracket, it determines when the motor should kick in based on your power output.

A gentle squeeze on the Brompton’s rear brake while maintaining power on the pedals causes the rear wheel to slow while the front wheel speeds up, initiating a soft skid. When deployed intentionally this makes for a fun and slippery coast toward a stop. Entering the skid-state unintentionally, though, can be unnerving if unexpected. The less sporty handlebar does nothing to reduce this sensation since the front wheel motor feels just a bit too far from the rider’s center of mass.

The other and more trivial downside of this eager motor is the sensation of power drop at top speed. Since the motor is so responsive at low speeds, the absence of any assistance above 15.5 mph is apparent. Powered descents and sustained flats are limited, notably below the average regulated American-market maximum e-bike speed of 20mph. For most riders, though, this 4.5mph will not be missed.

In addition to my usual Brooklyn commute and errands, which the Electric P Line handled effortlessly, I brought the bike on a trip to small-town New England. It carried me shopping, through gravel shortcuts, and down a large hill to dinner on the main drag. Folded up alongside my table amidst outdoor seating sprawl, the stylish Electric P Line was the perfect companion. It tucked neatly out of the way until I paid the check, after which it was ready to unfold in a matter of seconds and send me surging up the mile and a half hill climb toward home at a brisk 15.5mph.

The built-in battery interface is top-notch but located far enough below the handlebars to make adjustments at speed prohibitive in the event of an unexpected hill climb or windy conditions. However, Brompton has a smartphone companion app that allows for power mode adjustments and shows a speedometer, battery indicator, and trip progress. Four sequential power settings allow adjustment from no assistance to maximum assistance. Brompton recommends level two for optimal battery efficiency and support, but I got 20 miles out of a single charge with the motor on the maximum assistance setting. With a first-party QuadLock mount, these controls can easily be accessible on the handlebars. Regardless of the power setting, the lighting system can operate in always-on or automatic mode.

Shockingly quick to top speed and equally light, the Electric P Line balances the best of Brompton’s offerings in a no-expenses-spared package. It’s a reliable, high-quality bike that keeps you moving wherever needed. There’s no sweat, no muscle aches, and no storage woes—like taking the bus, minus the dubious fabric seats. If you’re tired of getting to work sweaty, looking to ditch your car, or want the best that commuter bikes offer, the Electric P Line is your next move.

Brompton Electric P-Line Gallery
brompton electric pline 2022 bike in brooklyn with aithne feay

Brompton Brompton Electric P Line

Brompton Electric P Line

Brompton Brompton Electric P Line

Electric P-Line Build Details

Motor: 250W Brushless DC motor, assist to 15.5mph
Battery: 300Wh 36V, 6.4lbs
Range: 20-45mi
Drivetrain: Brompton 4-speed drivetrain, 163% range
Main Frame: Heat-treated steel, hand brazed
Rear frame: Titanium with a replaceable hanger
Fork: Titanium fork with a threaded headset
Saddle: Superlight saddle with chromoly rails, carbon-reinforced base, and lightweight padding.
Seatpost: Brompton Extended Chromoly steel tube
Grips: Superlight lock-on grips
Seat Clamp: Machined aluminum seat clamp and rear frame clip in anodized matt black finish
Pedals: Brompton Folding left-hand and non-folding right-hand pedals
Front Wheel: Aluminum rim, double-butted spokes, and hub motor |
Rear Wheel: Aluminum rim, double-butted spokes, and aluminum hub
Tires: 349 x 35C Continental Contact Urban
Chainset: Forged aluminum crank with 54T chainring and integrated chainguard
Bottom Bracket: Integrated BB with cadence and torque sensor
Derailleur: Brompton direct mount 4 speed derailleur
Sprockets: Brompton 4-speed (11-13-15-18T)
Shifters: Brompton 4-speed trigger shifter
Chain: Hollowpin Superlight Advance Chain
Chain Tensioner: Advance chain tensioner with replaceable hanger mounting
Brakes: Dual Pivot Calipers
Headset: Superlight headset
Front carrier: Front carrier block adaptor for Brompton battery luggage
Mudguards: Curved profile with updated mudguard flaps

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